Chocolate coconut-cream ice-cream without ice-cream maker

09 Mar

For those with severe allergy intolerance this recipe might be useful.  I find that while i’m pregnant my intolerance is teribble and I can’t eat anything made in a shop. I have to buy ingredients and make everything myself. So here is the ice-cream I invented – its really yummy and a serious treat! But if you want to share it and enjoy it more than once you will probably need to double the recipe!

Really Chocolatey Ice-cream

1 carton (250ml) coconut cream – open at the bottom and drain off the water

40g of chocolate – 100% cocoa solids (I use Willie’s Supreme Cocoa, Venezuelan Black – Caremera Superior)

20g coconut fat or plain solid veg fat.

21/2 tblsp xylitol

Melt the coconut cream and chocolate together.  Whisk to combine well. Cool pot in sink of cold water.  Refridgerate until the cream thickens, then beat well with electrick beater to add as much air as possible – freeze.  Try not to eat it all at once.

This turns out really creamy with no icicles due to the removal of the water from the cream.  I have made a Vanilla version, but as yet not perfected the recipe!  As soon as I do will get it up here.

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