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About the recipes in this blog

The recipes you will find I this blog will definitely be wheat, dairy and soya free. They are also free from refined cane sugar. They are mostly treat recipes – I find cooking most of our day to day meals not so challenging, I think this is true for most other sufferers? In time I may add some of the savoury foods that help us pack more veg into our day to these pages.

I have been on the Anti-candida diet, I am not completely recovered, but a lot better. I allow myself some natural sugars. I’m trying to find a balance that works well for myself and my husband along with our two young boys. Sweet things are a treat! But we all love them and want them more than is good for us. I’m trying to give my family healthier treats. Xylitol is a good substitute as far as flavour and carbs is concerned, but seems to be a very refined product. Therefore, I am trying to find natural alternatives too. I am using both and hoping for the best, after all we can only strive for balance in an imperfect world. I tried Stevia for a little while, but found it difficult to work out quantities. Perhaps I need to give it another try!

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